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מרכז קהילתי ע"ש יעקב ברמן    

Weekly Bulletin: Pesach 5772

פסח תשע"ב‬‬

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  • Mazal tov to the great-grandparents, Honey & Yehuda Berenson and to the grandparents, Ilana and Michael Berenson on the birth of a daughter to Penina and Eitan Geffen.
  • Mazal Tov to Charlie Hexter and to Gershon & Judy Kandler on the Bat Mitzvah of their granddaughter Shani Kandler daughter of Sara and Uri of Modi'in.
  • There is a Board meeting scheduled for 17th April, the Tuesday after Pesach. Please bring items for discussion to any Board member. This will likely be the last meeting where the Board will be able to discuss AGM items that require advance notification to the membership (e.g. constitution changes).
  • Please save the date of erev Yom haAtzmaut (25th April) for the Bermans celebration:
    • We will hear Moshe Givati, an excellent military history lecturer, on the battle of the Hermon (in which he participated). Details on the speaker (in Hebrew) can be found at http://simania.co.il/authorDetails.php?itemId=9756
    • We will also have festive tefilla and a meal.
    • Volunteers are needed to help with parallel activities for kids, and some help for organizing (excel page for signing up, ordering food, setting up that day, etc.). Please sign up on the volunteers' page link or contact Chaya 052-6991433.
    • During the evening we will pay tribute to our young members serving in צה"ל and שרות לאומי.
      PARENTS: Please update the list at http://tinyurl.com/y8ml8ut to add the names of new inductees and to remove the names of those who have completed their service. Please also send the names of new inductees by e-mail to ctannor@hotmail.com
  • BermaNoar - Parents, we need your cooperation
    A parents' meeting took place recently in the shul. Those who attended all agreed on how important an active BermaNoar group is for our kids and for the future of our community. Parents, whether you attended or not, please give a few minutes of your precious time to update us with the following information about your school age children (Grades א-י"ב), names, gender, age, email and/or Facebook and cell phone numbers (if they have them). Please click here to access the registration form.
  • A silver earring and a pendant were found in shul a while ago. The items are by Mechael Kanovsky, and will be returned to the rightful owners upon supplying identifying information.
The community wishes to know about new arrivals or people planning to come to Rehovot so that we can welcome them. You may send in their details for the weekly bulletin, to hospitality@bermanshul.org or to Chaya Tannor.  
  • On Shabbat Parshat Tazria-Metzora April 20, we were asked to host Nativ soldiers. We need 15-20 families. The Nativ course is open to all Olim (Jewish under 10 years in Israel) & non Jewish. During this course they learn about Jewish history, Zionism, basic Tanach, Chagim etc. For those who want to convert, this is a preparation course before they start the conversion seminars. The Shabbat spent with a family is one of the highlights of the Nativ course, but as it is the first time for most of them participating in a Jewish orthodox Shabbat they naturally have some fears. For most of them it will be the first time experiencing Hachnasat Orchim. Unfortunately quite a few of them experienced rejection as Olim ... we hope a Shabbat at Berman's will give them a different experience. As not all of them need or want to convert, it would be fine to commit to only hosting them this Shabbat, for those of you who would like to continue hosting them during their conversion (3-4 Shabbatot), we will make the match. As Pesach is right before this Shabbat I would appreciate it if you would get back to me ASAP so I can arrange the hosting before then (the soldiers come in couples, either boys or girls). For more information & to sign up please contact Ilana Friedlander at: stevenf@netvision.net.il or 057-5706592 Thanks!
MISHEBEIRACH LECHOLIM + BIKKUR CHOLIM - מישברך לחולים וביקור חולים  
  • Please send in names (3 maximum) to gabbai@bermanshul.org, (preferably by Thursday) or write them out and to give to the Gabbaim before kria. Names must be resubmitted anew every week. 
  • If you are convalescing at home and would like visitors, please write in to bermanshul@gmail.com
  • A PDF calendar of davening times and shiurim is available for download (http://bermanshul.org/calendar.pdf  now updated till end of April 2012).
  • The "live" calendar below gives a full schedule of official Berman events and other happenings. You can avoid missing events by taking a minute to scroll through the listing. Click on any event to display the details.
    Colour codes: Berman Events  / Outreach-קהילה /  Other events* /  Localised Hebrew Calendar
    *The Berman Community is not responsible for the propriety of the "Other events"
    Click on any event to display the details.
  • A number of other Rehovot events are published at www.pirsuma.com 
  • Chugim and activities for all ages at Havayot Schweitz: Including 50+ coffee evenings, מועדון חצ"ב, Bridge for beginners, Tiyulim, etc.. For details and schedules see the Havayot Website (http://havayot.org.il).
  • Members organizing private events (e.g. wedding, bar/bat mitzva celebrations etc.) are advised to use the shul calendar as follows:
    1. You can check for a date that does not clash with another event in the community.
    2. You may have your event listed as an anonymous "private event" so that others can avoid scheduling another event at the same time. Please let any board member know or send your request by e-mail to bermanshul@gmail.com.

Please note that the Berman Please note that the Berman Community is not responsible for the Halachic propriety or kashrut of items listed.

  • We invite you to join "Team AMIT" for the "Susan G. Komen Israel Race for the Cure Walk" on May 3, 2012 in Jerusalem. To join our team, please click on the link below and fill in the form. This will enable you to become a member of "Team AMIT."

    When filling in the form, please follow the instructions below:
    In the "team name" section put AMIT, in the "select a team type" section put NGO and in the "company/corporate name" section put AMIT. The AMIT team will then appear in the search results. You need to click on the team and fill in the form
    If you prefer, you can call the AMIT office on 02 673 8360 and we will register you as part of "Team AMIT."

    Registration costs NIS 20 or $7, if you register online. The cost of participation is a contribution to research. If there are enough people interested, there will be a bus from Rehovot. Contact the AMIT office at 02-6738360 if you are interested in tranportation.

     For more information, you can contact Rahel Rogers rahel@rogers.co.il

  • We have an umbrella-type stroller with canopy to give away. Please contact Martha or Seymour at (08)931-6541.
  • Wanted: Mommy's helper, 8th grade girls and up, who can assist with light household tasks and young children, between the hours of 17:00 and 20:00. Preference for English-speakers. Call Adi at 08-946-2060 or 050-477-4722.
  • Journey to Poland -With Mark Robinson – טירת צבי
    I hope to be joining this trip to Poland. There are still some places available.
    Anybody interested? Ruth Drory
    • Day 1 - Flt. Tel Aviv – Warsaw
      Warsaw Jewish cemetery, Nozyk synagogue, Jewish theater, Ghetto wall remains
    • Day 2 – Tykocin, Lupochowa forest, Treblinka
    • Day 3 – Lublin, Yeshiva Chachmei Lublin, Maidanek, Zamosc
    • Day 4 –Belzec, Lezajsk, Lancut, Zbilitowska Gora (Children's forest)
    • Day 5 – Plashow, Wielicka, Sukiniece
    • Day 6 – Auschwitz – Birkenau, Oswiecim
    • Day 7 – Shabbat, Kasimierz, Podgorze
    • Day 8 – Kielce, Lodz, Gur, Warsaw
    This is the basic program; changes can be made with requests of the participants. It will be possible to arrange personal side trips to villages of interest of the participants. 8 days, 7 nights July 9 – 16, 2012 Minimum of 25 travelers. Price - $ 1780, For more information contact Mark @ 050-5554298 or Rob@tiratzvi.org.il 
  • Tzimmer in Moshav Hazorim.
    A two bedroom guest house fully furnished In Moshav Hazorim (religiouse moshav) 5-10 minutes drive from Tiberias.
    Details / bookings: Bonita Podlashuk _ 04-6735249 / Cell: 0546-270166, (0546-570166) E-mail: bonita@ulpanit.ort.org.il