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מרכז קהילתי ע"ש יעקב ברמן    

Weekly Bulletin: Parashat Achrei Mot 5771
Shabbat HaGadol     

פרשת אחרי מות‬‬ תשע"א
שבת הגדול‬

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  • Kiddush this Shabbat is sponsored by Reut and David Schwarzbaum in honor of the birth of their daughter Maya. Mazal tov all Maya's shul-member ancestors - parents, grandparents (Shelley and Henry Schwarzbaum) and great-grandparents (Flo and Sylvain Sternberg), and to the rest of the family.
    • Maot Hittim
      As outlined in a previous bulletin, we are pursuing a target of NIS 60,000 to help needy families for the chag. Checks should be made out to the "Jacob Berman Community Center" with a notation that the funds are for the shul “keren tzedaka pessach”. The checks should be delivered to the Gabbaim or sent via mail to: Jacob Berman Community Center, P.O. Box 1146, Rehovot 76111 
    • Medications and cosmetics
      The following guides have been added to the Bermanshul website: (Both are PDF documents) 
    • Selling Chametz:
  • Leil HaAtzmaut (Monday night May 9th)
    As in recent years, we will once again be holding a communal Leil Ha'atzmaut celebration, including tefilla chagigit followed by 2 programs( for different ages) and a festive dairy meal. Full details are on the calendar (direct link).
    RESERVE NOW, with Chaya (052-6991433, ctannor@hotmail.com)
    • Please book early (including soldiers and national-service volunteers who eat for free) so that we can estimate numbers for catering
    • Please send in your "only in Israel" anecdotes (for the programme).
    Judy, Shaindy, Lynn, Aby, Chaya
The community wishes to know about new arrivals or people planning to come to Rehovot so that we can welcome them. You may send in their details for the weekly bulletin, to hospitality@bermanshul.org or to Chaya Tannor.
  • A PDF calendar of davening times and shiurim.is available for download (http://bermanshul.org/calendar.pdf, now updated till end of June 2011).
  • The "live" calendar below gives a full schedule of official Berman events and other happenings. You can avoid missing events by taking a minute to scroll through the listing. Click on any event to diplay the details.
    Colour codes: Berman Events  / Outreach-קהילה /  Other events* /  Localised Hebrew Calendar
    *The Berman Community is not responsible for the propriety of the "Other events"
  • A number of other Rehovot events are published at www.pirsuma.com
  • Chugim and activities for all ages at Havayot Schweitz: Including 50+ coffee evenings (Sundays), מועדון חצ"ב (Tuesdays a.m.), Bridge for beginners, Tiyulim, etc.. For details and schedules see the Havayot Website (www.havayot.co.il).
  • Members organizing private events (e.g. wedding, bar/bat mitzva celebrations etc.) are advised to use the shul calendar as follows:
    1. You can check for a date that does not clash with another event in the community.
    2. You may have your event listed as an anonymous "private event" so that others can avoid scheduling another event at the same time. Please let any board member know or send your request by e-mail to bermanshul@gmail.com.

Please note that the Berman Community is not responsible for the Halachic propriety or kashrut of items listed.

  • Apartment wanted: We are a modern Orthodox family of 6 from Skokie, IL who will spending the summer in Rechovot. We are looking for a 3 bedroom apartment to rent from June 13-Aug 15. We need someplace close to Weitzmann and your shul Is there anyone in the community who can help? We can be contacted at melhar@aol.com. Thanks in advance! Melissa and Harris Perlman
  • Green Happening on Hol Hamoed: Further details on calendar
    אנו מתכבדים להזמין כל אחד ואחת מכם לארוע חשוב של שמירת טבע שיתקיים אי"ה בערב החג השני הבעל"ט. מה יהיה שם? טיול מרענן ונחמד במסלול מעגלי, ובו תחנות הסבר והפעלה מגוונות ומשעשעות לכל גיל: קפוארה, צפרות, יצירה לילדים, סיפורים מראשית המושבה רחובות, תצפיות נוף, ועוד. בארגון "מרחבי רחובות" פעילים אוהבי טבע וסביבה שמטרתם חיבור התושבים למרחב החקלאי והטבעי סביב העיר, כדי שתישאר לדורות הבאים ריאה ירוקה לטבע ולנופש. http://www.greenrehovot.org.il  - פרטים נוספים בלוח השנה.

  • Please daven for Daniel Viflic (Raphael Daniel Arieh ben Tamar), the 16 year-old boy who was critically injured when the school bus he was riding was targeted and struck with a laser-guided anti-tank missile. Follow this link for details and to find out how you can help the victim and his family.
  • We are asking you once again to help a very fine Rehovot family. The father is institutionalized and totally incapacitated following a serious work accident about six years ago. The mother is raising her large family alone. Some of the children have special needs, which give rise to additional financial hardships. Please give generously now so that this family can celebrate Pesach in a fitting manner. Tax deductable checks may be made payable to Vaad Harabbanim Keren No. 2752 (Keren Lema'an Achai). You may also donate via a standing order to Keren Lema'an Achai. Please give your contributions to Gittie Mateh at 5 HaAdmor, Kiriat David, Rehovot. Enquiries: 08-949 1065 or 077-820 6206 (Rabinowitz family).